What is so Sacred about "Orisha Gardens"...

In earliest times, an ancient continent known as Pangea began to break up. Florida, remained behind with the rest of North America. This land, which eventually became other continents, including Africa, left behind its' sacred soil, plants, and roots over 300 million years ago!

Humanity, which appeared first in Africa, shares the same soils,plants and roots of our shared descendants inside “Our Sacred Gardens”.

Later it was the native Americans that shared this land, and fished these lakes and grew their food right here...and as escaped African slaves they found safety in this land and married the native Americans where they became known as “Maroons”.

How they did their rituals for each seasons, how they prayed to the four directions daily... How they did their birthing ceremonies, their tribal meetings and teaching here...

how they honored the land with special rituals before everything they did... how they lived in harmony and peace with one another... and played their instruments... which, to this day we can still hear the flutes and drum sounds in the night.

Our land was not “developed” it was left untouched, and honored, as those who had always lived here had honored it.

When you enter the gates of “Our Sacred Gardens” you can tap into a very unique experience... Whether you take the walk in the ancient mathematical system of the labyrinth... Or rest your whole body...becoming one with our 40 ft. long figure called “Onile” (Earth Mother) to renew and receive incredible blessings of the special messages from the experience inside this unique space... Or simply spend time at “Ela”, with a giant stature, to connect by absorbing in her wisdom and empowerment as you relax under her 3 sets of 12 ft long arms.  

You will know you have reached the place where you can open yourself up to trust....and become one with “Our Sacred Gardens”... a place with solutions for peace.

What "Orisha Gardens" can do for you...

Open your capacity for self empowerment... Rekindle your ability to find, and love, again... allow you to change your body from imbalance to balance and restore health and vitality... solve your monetary issues in a way that empowers your growth and happiness... allow you to see the world, the friendship and community that can be yours....

How Our Sacred Gardens are key to your obtaining any and all of these blessings...



As an Oluwo in the Ancient path of Ifa, I have practiced, and studied, for over 4 decades. My wife, Iya Vassa and I have learned, and I teach, that a diviner was historically a Seer... an individual who saw into the cracks and crevices of the Universe, and through those glances achieved the balance and understanding of the interrelationship between past, present and future... between client and problem, between individuals and the community and the planet we share. that all must be understood, and included to make the settlement of their problem is lasting and meaningful

Orisha Gardens


Our relationship with plants is probably the most significant way in which we each can feel the power and beauty of the planet. It is interesting that “plant” and “planet” are so closely connected. From ancient times our great great grandmothers would grow and harvest the plants which their grandmothers has used and passed on from generation to generation. But, that connection was basically lost. The “root woman” of the past slowly disappeared. Our Sacred Garden combines three necessary components for energized plants. 1. Hundreds of initiations are carried out utilizing the ase' of all the individuals who visit Ola Olu, either for enlightenment or initiation. 2. Prayer and thanks are given the plants which provide us their power. 3. The plants and the soil originated in West Africa and our intent is always to honor and include them. When crafting solutions, the process of divination will point out the plant, or combination, most potent for the solution. It will be thanked and included in the process.



Our departed blood relatives comprise the third critical factor in connecting with what is possible, and what will do no harm. Our philosophy believes our ancestors are ALWAYS accessible to us, and that by designated prayer, as well as comfort to, and offerings, our ancestors will join in the process and help us to create the perfect ebbo (solution) for the clients problems. We will also provide the necessary prayers and offerings for you to continue to receive your ancestral help for as long as necessary. Without these three components, there is no total understanding, no long term solutions, and no solutions that will give you the results you seek WITHOUT harming others. We see, quite clearly, that short term solutions, or solutions which try and control others, are based on a feeling of controlling the Universe... ours is a process of awakening the individual to the genuine functioning of the Universe and allowing not only for solutions, but for going forward on our paths in a myriad of ways.

You may participate on any level, from visitor to initiate... but be assured each and every avenue will reward you with an understanding of how this world used to work... and how it can work again!

We invite you to look through our sight and then contact us.

Love and blessings