Iya Vassa

Iya Vassa

Bio:  Iya Vassa

In an intimate setting, Vassa, at age 25, pierced through the veils and saw the person directly in front of her shape- shift into an old man.  It was at this moment in time that Vassa had confirmation that there was definitely more to life than what the majority of people were availing themselves to.

Trusting that experience had a purpose... she embraced her gifts and began clearing away what was in her way! 

Fortunately, the person she was sharing that moment with was an Ifa Priest, known as Oluwo Philip Neimark.  With the partnership of their strengths, gifts and unique connections to the ancestor world... they have tapped into the amazing path of the matrix of Ifa.

This marriage began at a time when it was hard to find much out about Ifa in the U.S. and their work was cut out for them....especially when it came to “women in Ifa”.

Fast forwarding 35 years... and with persevering the challenges... Vassa has developed into a talented diviner, healer and teacher for both men and women across the globe.  Known as Nana Buuken Priest Iyanifa Vassa...and in short, IyaV by those who are close to her.

Iyanifa Vassa has partnered with her husband throughout 3 decades to live a daily life using the core values of the path of Ifa... and the 16 Truths they stand with.  (see link below for what those are)

IyaVassa has taken her artistic abilities and her connections with the spiritual work she has accumulated to create sacred living energy pieces that have been placed into two “Sacred Orisha Garden” retreats...the first in Bloomington, Indiana and for the past 14 years with the one in Central Florida...known as Ola Olu. 

Inside the gates of these 22 sacred Orisha gardens are powerful vortexes of energy built from the accumulation of years of ritual work.

IyaVassa triangulates change for all those that come seeking within these matrix’s. IyaVassa walks as the Nana Buuken Priest for not only for her own family but also for all those that need her to hold that space for their families as well. She is gifted and giving with a passion for teaching self-empowerment.

IyaVassa is the author of two books.  The most popular and widely used is “Ifa-ing” ...a manual for how to Ifa!  The second book, “Prayers for the Orisha” focuses on the individual special characteristics of each...enlightening the intention with more knowledge.

IyaVassa has an online teaching program weekly and offers monthly workshops on the retreat grounds.  Her purpose is to work in a positive nurturing way to create an awareness and change in people for the long-term through the exquisite matrix of Ifa.

Initiation ceremonies for women are performed throughout the year by IyaVassa inside this sacred open garden setting for healing and building their lives in a very personal way.  And when properly aligned...taking them into the Nana Buuken society position where they can be fully empowered.

IyaVassa and her husband work together in all of the other ceremonies...balancing the male and female energy.  One of the most important places they focus on is the Ori ceremony... creating connection for people in regards to their true destiny path. This has had amazing effects on peoples lives.  IyaVassa truly believes the possibilities of what Ifa avails us to are endless!

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Contact Iya Vassa:

The Ifa Foundation International    1-800-906-4322


What is possible:

Healing...Ancestor connection...uniting with your Guardian Ancestor... Empowerment... Ori/Destiny Initiation... Orisha Initiations... Iyanifa and Babalawo Ifa Priest Initiation... Oluwo and Nana Buuken Priest Initiations
(all offered out in nature in the private preserve of the Sacred Orisha Gardens and all offered with full support and training for years following your special time with us)