What should I be doing with my life?

One of the most difficult questions we encounter today is: “What should I be doing with my life?

This is particularly true of younger readers, but has become true for readers of all ages. For the very young, in college or looking to enter the workforce, they are victims of the television depiction of what success and happiness consist of. For the middle aged worker, who initially engaged in this particular exercise, the outcomes have dramatically changed in the ensuing years. Some have survived the transition from knowing that if you did your work honestly, the company you worked for would take care of you through sickness and health, to the act of “shopping for jobs,”, changing locations and loyalties, and watching the safety nets disappear into the night. Much like their marriages or relationships, life had gone from a sense of permanence to a transitory reality. And, each and every one of you, has been left to wonder “what should I be doing with my life?”

Let’s see how Ifa and the Orisha might help us....

First and foremost we all must slowly, but inexorably, wipe from our psyches every ad, every t.v. show, every vestige of the alluring, but insupportable past, and build a new set of dreams and behavior on a more rational basis. A basis that is not supported by money alone, but places a higher priority on the areas of companionship, character, the environment, and a healthy body that is allowed to exist without the stress and threats of today’s disintegrating society. You see, there are other rewards, other accomplishments other feelings of pride, love and family than we have come to accept. And NOW, before we are too late, it is time to re-establish these eternal values.

This Ebbo involves ALL the orisha, our Ancestors, our Ori...and it will take time before it is complete. But it is time well spent, time not running for the next opportunity, but carefully constructing (irosun) a long term plan for happiness and success.

First, you will need to sit quietly and think...think of what you have been chasing...think about what would happen if you were one of the “lucky” few that temporarily achieved your goal...ask what would happen to your relationships, family, and character. Then think about how that short term excitement compares to the warmth and care of spending your life with a compatible soul,, with watching your children grow and become involved in worthwhile jobs and behavior...that allows them to “come home” not as a matter of not having a job, but to enjoy and share the holidays and life in general with you. As that sounds and feels better and better, you will seek out each Orisha, Ancestor, Ori that might help you and yours achieve the dream...

Utilize Ochun for the love and joy and movement you need. Esu (Elegua) for  the opportunities to explore this new(old) path, Ogun for the character and strength to achieve it, Yemonja for the abundance and the home that serves as your base, Oya for the Sudden Change needed, Obatala for the Clarity of seeing it through, Shango for the strategies to make it all work, your Ancestors for helping show you, and guide you, in the process, your Ori for giving you the good character to make it all work. One by one, over weeks and months, work with each energy specifically to achieve your goal. 

May you have a better life, and help make a better world



Philip Neimark