No More Fear

It has been 21 years since I published "The Way of the Orisa" which began with the statement: You need have no fear”... Back in 1993, it was hard for people to believe this concept. Strangely enough it seems harder now. The following will begin a series of examinations about how we are wasting our life with fear and not enough time in simply Living!

First, and foremost, there is NO devil! The Yoruba have never believed in a devil, and despite the reality that evil DOES exist, it is neither proactive, out to “get you” or enticing you with promises of riches, power or health. The devil was a construct of men who found it worked very well to instil fear and compliance into others.

Do not confuse the existence of evil with the irrational fear it is your personal enemy. Oludumare (God), in the creation of a PERFECT universe, included all things... including evil. After all, could you have love without hate? Vibrant good health without sickness? A full stomach without hunger? No, in the creation of the Universe that had to be perfect, good had to be balanced by evil. But, never was it envisioned that evil was out to get you or would be the province of a science fiction character, with a tail and cloven hoofs.

Good can be lived, each and every day. Evil can safety be avoided by simply using a little common sense and a distaste for those who would control you.

More in the next blog entry....