Slavery – result of fear (part II)


Last week I explained the reason why you must forsake the self-imposed slavery of fear. Because that's what fear really is... a form of the one of the most pernicious forms of slavery because it is always self-imposed. Make no mistake, it comes “packaged” in many forms... from the highly sophisticated to the downright “brutish”.... It may come from the threat that your refusal to be afraid of the existence of a devil (small “d” intentional) , to the bully that threatens you with bodily harm if you don't listen to him. It may be the battered wife who allows fear to cloud her vision for alternatives or the child frozen to paralysis about an upcoming test and therefor incapable of studying. It may be the teenager so distraught at not having the money to buy the “cool” clothing of her friends, to the husband going to work unable to earn enough to pay for the families style of living.

What is it that each and every one of these example have in common? It can be the head of your local church, synagog or Mosque, who uses your fear to raise his much needed funding, the advertising executive whose task it is convince you to buy something you could well live without, so that he keeps his job. Or it can simply be the wife, husband or child who has been raised in a home with the idea that “he, who dies with the most toys,” wins the game. Again, in each and every case, it is you that have opted to be fearful... it is you that has placed the shackles of slavery obliterate the potential of a life well lived.

Next week I will tell you how to “buy” back your freedom, enjoy your life, enjoy your family and community.