It’s Independence Day! how independent do you feel?


Are you bogged down with responsibilities, debt, worries? Do you feel oppressed and unappreciated?

Perhaps today is a good day to reflect on what it is to be independent on a personal level. Given that independence mean different things to people, let’s talk about a few examples.

To a teenager with overbearing and/or overprotective parents; or that have teachers, friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend with unrealistic demands and expectations, independence may mean freedom to explore and express themselves at their own pace, feeling neither stifled nor rushed in discovering who they are and want to be.

To a person struggling financially, independence may mean not having to worry how they are going to pay for basic necessaries like eating and having a roof over their head.

To the person with health and mobility challenges, independence may mean how they are going to get from point “A” to point “B”, and/or care for their own hygiene, and support themselves.

To those who are incarcerated, live within an oppressive government, and/or are oppressed in any other way, independence mean something completely different.

Yet to many, independence is a state of mind, is the ability to think for yourselves, to have a genuine thought, not something someone else planted on your mind, your very own personal opinions and beliefs, without the fear of repercussions, or apprehension that you may be wrong.

Regardless of which of these examples you resonate to, remember that “Life Happens!”! There will always going to be circumstances that makes us feel overwhelmed, like we have no control whatsoever.  The challenge is in adapting, and knowing when and how to detach yourself from the struggle, free yourself even for a moment, and choose to fight another day.

Take a moment to reconnect with Nature, reflect on its diversity and harmony, see how nature adapts and evolves.  Experience life from a different point of view, recognize that we all experience challenges and the ones that surpass it are those that adapt and ultimately change how they respond to it.

May your personal independence day be great!