Your choice and ours

There are several criteria applied to any spiritual practice. The first is: "does it work?"  That sounds simpler than it is. The question is not only "does it work"..."but how?" As I have said to thousands of clients through the years, it is not enough that it accomplishes their goal, but at what cost? AFTER ALL, YOU CAN HAVE A "SUCCESSFUL" DIVORCE IF THE HUSBAND/WIFE WRAPS THEIR CAR AROUND A TREE... but is that the right way of accomplishing this? Will the surviving spouse be able to go forward with a meaningful life and relationships?  This is the essence of short term planning in almost all practices. Some of these practices work... most do not. IFA, in the genuine way we practice it, and have done so for over 40 years, takes into consideration the WHOLE of the situation and acts from within that reality... It is not an ego trip, it is a constant journey of balancing the short term needs of the client, of dealing with their pain and anxiety and fears in a way that affords them a long term solution along with short term relief. There can be no deviation from this path, as the slightest deviation, even as little as l degree quickly grows and becomes 10% a few miles down the road of what should be your Destiny... and continues from there on until your hopes and aspirations are nothing but dim memories. Of course we can, and do help people... but only those looking to re-establish their Destiny, to live a worthwhile life, and not to meddle with the fabric of the Universe. Spirituality is not about POWER, it is about wisdom...  with you handling them it seems assured, with your gentle guidance it can unravel the knots in their lives, and allow them the path for going forward.