The Next Step...


It was just a few weeks ago that I made a strong case for many of the once traditional values to regain relevance and support. But, it was a precursor to today's larger picture. It wasn't a call for turning back the clock, it was a call for keeping the importance of these basic relationships while wending our way through the technological changes that promise the hope, or the destruction, of these very issues. Too often religion takes on the cloak of ALWAYS believing it was “better” in the past, than it could be in the future. That is what separates the Ifa Foundation International from other religions. This is a small blueprint for what could make it better...and what might make it worse.

Because so many human endeavors revolve around our family, and what appears to be the destruction of that, let me suggest the following. The previous concept of children doing what their parents did is all but dead. Both technology and education are geared to a new world...a world where our children can go distant places to work, YET keep in touch, and share, the meaningful parts of family relationships, advice and love. Our denial of that reality will only result in a fracturing of the fabric designed to hold the family together. Today's world of Skype, WebEx etc. allow for a more intimate connection than we used to have when our children, grandchildren lived down the block, or some distance away in the city we share. And, it is virtually FREE! I speak with my daughter Tanya three and four times a week, more often when family troubles exist, and offer the advice, support etc. that she and her family seek. She lives a shade less than 1000 mile from her mother and I, but we can share our grandchildren, perform the readings about their questions, enjoy their successes and help mitigate their failures. My son is searching for where to live and work with his new transnational computer degree, but I assure you, we share in person, and on the internet, the apartments he is looking at and the places he may or may not live. As our daughter graduates this spring she will be defined by all the same things, and share her life (albeit in closer proximity) than the others. 

And, don't worry about the Spirituality. All our kids ask for readings, and someday will divine for themselves. While it is difficult at times for my wife, and even for myself, when I step back and think about the technology that has brought this together I am filled with a vision of what Ifa will grow into, spreading across oceans and countries while still maintaining a very real sense of family... and I can't wait until the “virtual reality” my son speaks of will become another stepping stone in growing and maturing on all our parts. That is what will make Ifa great in the future as in the past... that desire to integrate the new with the values of the old.

Love & Blessings

Oluwo Philip Neimark