What's New and Worthwhile?

During the recent recession we heard a great deal about the necessity of getting an education. The airwaves were filled with statistics how anything from a two year degree, to four year degrees and advanced degrees, resulted in greater “employ ability” and subsequent increased work and salaries. I believe they were right.

It made me think of the model of the Ifa Foundation and how we work. While almost everyone in our line of endeavors has concentrated on one thing, doing the the work for which they are paid, we have constructed, and continue to, behave quite differently. Certainty we are willing to help individuals remove their problems, enhance their dreams, or find the significant other in their lives, but that barely scratches the surface of what we have to offer. Our Sacred Orisha Gardens stand as a growing monument to the Orisha energy, and Iya Vassa's continued creative work makes this living example inspirational to all that visit. Our initiation program was designed to support the initiate in a long term manner, from receiving their tools to learning how to use them. Each and every individual passes their reading on to me, via the internet, for as long as necessary. We will shortly introduce the results of our long term study reflecting the application in different cultures, technologies, economics, politics of how these latest changes appear... because failure to keep abreast of the changes will harm your results. So, we will shortly present, after years of scholarly work by many individuals, the result of that work as it applies to the 16 sacred Odu. 

We will continue to serve, through our Prisoners initiative, a program that has grown from seven death row inmates at San Quentin to dozens of prisons, both state and federal throughout the United States.

We will continue the incredibly successful WebEx computer programs where we both teach and learn to interactive groups who attend weekly at no cost. 

We will, or course, continue our work with ceremonies for joy and for healing. For weddings and for general counseling plus a host of other spiritual activities. You are, as always, invited , as in any institution of learning, to ask, question agree or disagree , to share your experiences and your disappointments , your hopes and your fears...or simply to listen, watch and learn. The one overriding TRUTH in the Ifa Foundation is there are no secrets...what people do not know, they make a secret.

Love & Blessings

Oluwo Philip Neimark