"The Ori holds the key to your destiny."..

Have you been searching… and searching… and searching for your purpose in life?  Have you had too many days of wondering why you were created and what your destiny path truly is?  ! One of the most unique sacred moments you can have in your life… is the day you re-align with your Ori... your creation story… YOUR IDENTITY!! ! We each came with one.  When each of us were forming our mesoderm, endoderm and our ectoderm… we also formed a bond with three other choices… our guardian ancestor came and attached… our guardian orisha (our energy type)  AND our life path energy matrix.  (this is what we call an Odu) Yes… what makes us unique is what we chose as our own personal answers. This is such a key experience…one we are truly the owner of!

What is so unique about coming to our Sacred Gardens for this experience is that we have developed (over our 20+ years of doing this particular ritual) is a beautiful, deep, unique day that transforms your life totally!

From pealing the layers of veils that mask your abilities to connect with your truth…to opening up all of your senses and energizing you with becoming passionate about life again and about finding yourself in all of it.   ! THIS ONE DAY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! !
The whole day is spent outside in nature and inside the powerfully potent sacred Orisha gardens.  (There is nothing like it in the whole world!) We include highly effective rituals that are gently performed with nurturing energy to free you from any of the negativity of the past…and clearing the openings for the new energy to reside inside of.

Through ancient fire rituals…for cleansing the lineage energy fields…

And ancient formulas for the cooling potions to open your third eye to “see” more…and healing sound bowls for opening your chakras.

Included is the amazing  Labyrinth walk of the 256 odu. As you take each step inside the 80 foot long Labyrinth…you will learn so much more of how to connect with the center of your core.  It is a shedding as well as an empowering movement.  Something totally unique to do.

You will be able to spend time with the giant visual representation of the invisible energy of Ela.  Learning how to align with this enormous energy is a part of the plan for receiving this empowerment ceremony. ! Each person will receive a special necklace made of Labrodite stone beads with accents of silver sphere shaped beads and a center pendant with the center cut out for your prayers to go through the portal to your soul….made of…African Sodalite.  A beautiful and powerful piece. ! And each person will receive an three legged staff embellished with special natural objects as well.

Make the investment in yourself… Come and ring in the new life of endless possibilities. Transform yourself inside this very personal experience. ! This is appropriate for everyone…at any age and stage of life. ! We offer several levels of the experience starting at $750. Connect with IyaVassa for your specific needs…and she will custom one for you.