There is a peaceful nurturing sensation that goes deep inside you as you enter her sacred garden.  It is renewing. When you are in the presence of Earth Mother... you feel really good and know that everything will be alright. When you arrive... the creator of this magnificent 40 foot long figure, Vassa, will open up about what is possible with being in connection with her.

There are many things you can do to prepare yourself and to gain access to something quite unique. This is a place to lay down and relax.  We will provide you with a mat so you can enjoy yourself spending time feeling the energy here... looking up through the tree branches at the Florida sky and opening up to all of Earth Mother's gifts.  There is a vortex here that brings you to another place... timeless.

Earth Mother is formed from materials quite a few feet below the surface of the Florida earth.  This material is filled with shells and clay ... as it has been under the sea many times from the previous tectonic shifts.  Some of the shells are still totally whole and really full of pretty details...so much history!

Earth Mother is half in the ground and half out.  She is pregnant...and many who want to have families come to lay on her belly or in front of her belly on the ground with their bellies touching her earth.  The majority of her body is covered in one of the earth's oldest plant...moss.  Her 10 foot head is covered in  natural colored tiny pebbles to create some definition of her facial features.  Her hand is open and sometimes children gravitate to sitting in it and feeling something joyful.

Earth Mother is very giving.  She brings you what you need when you are with her.  And if you want to take home something to keep of the experience...  we will share what those things are in our special section of the offerings. She is peace. and she will will bring you peace.  We welcome you.

Available Creations:

Earth Mother Necklace

The intention of this unique creation is to bring the wearer a sense of renewal....a feeling of connection to the nurturing qualities of the womb.

The materials incorporated are elements of what the main Earth Mother figure that is emerging from the grounds inside "Our Sacred Garden". 

This is where you can come and enjoy a very special sensation that will captivate you.  Everyone that has come wants to lay on her 40-foot long body and become one with her...and we see how much they do not want to leave her!

The bigger-than-life living sculpture is built from the clay and seashell composition that was dug from a place way below the surface.  There are disc-shaped beads from the shell and green sea glass woven into this piece...and at the center is this ancient shaped vessel...of a clear amphora glass.  The meaning behind this is about having the vision of seeing things in a very transparent way...a pure form of truth.  

Yours can be created at a length you specify.  The one you are looking at here is more of a choker length...raising it up closer to the neck.  All of the materials are of top quality and of course, made with a lot of love.  

 For those that are coming from the experience of Earth Mother inside "Our Sacred Gardens"... we can prepare one for you to receive in a ritual while there.  We will also ship yours worldwide.

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