"I look around but don't see anyone, yet I'm not alone! ...My 6th sense, those premonitions, If I would only listen and trust, but where are they coming from? ...is it my imagination? ...or is there someone really there guiding and protecting me?"

"It's TRUE!  Yes, you walk in this lifetime carrying along with you that special ancestor...the one that is YOURS.  Getting to know your Guardian Ancestor can be tricky at first...learning to trust that resource is sometimes hard for us.  And for some...there is too much chatter to have enough clarity to identify with what is what.  When you come to "Our Sacred Gardens" we remove this noise and clear the pathway for you and your Guardian Ancestor to truly connect.  We use a series of enlightening rituals inside special vortexes of energy places throughout the land.  One being the Labyrinth.

Just going inside that movement can change so much about how you view your life and how you can move through it.  And there are many more events you will experience while at the retreat to bring you into the zone of knowingness.

As we clear the way and bring you into the space of openness...we will perform your personal divination requesting that the special Guardian Ancestor that walks with you be defined for you.

This is truly a powerful moment in your life.  I have seen this move people in such a powerful way.  It is like...everything begins to make more sense in your life.  We will then take you into the sacred Guardian Ancestor garden and teach you how to call upon your Guardian...and then you will be able to do the amazing rituals yourself right then and there.

This move is so comforting to your soul...and brings you a sense of "everything will be alright".  When you have this experience with us you will then go into a ritual honoring the four directions your Guardian Ancestor honored in their lifetime.  We will teach you how you can connect in this meaningful ceremony and gain more depth to what it is you need to grow and strengthen.

There will be a day full of events like these that will open you, heal you, connect you and show you more about your full potential and purpose for coming here.

This whole experience takes good part of a day...and the donation for it is $450."


Available Creations:

Your Guardian

These two pieces will add to your ability of connecting with that "one" very special ancestor that came along with you on this life's journey. It is a profound experience for you...and one that you will benefit from throughout each day.

This special stone amulet is created for you to be able to do just that in a more direct way.  Blowing your prayers through the stones portal allows a flow in grace directly to source.  

The main guardian ancestor garden at "Our Spiritual Gardens" has a special stone face carved in large scale and these stone amulets with the portals hanging above in the vines that are veins over a tubular structure... where one can walk inside of and feel this incredibly deep place they have just entered.  When you order yours ...you will have a direct connection with the strength of this matrix.  We will leave a duplicate attached to one of the veins with your name on it.  This will create a loop of energy connecting your guardian ancestor tools with the head one.

Each is handmade by artisan IyaV...someone very connected with how to tap into her own Guardian and a mentor for teaching others around the globe.  You can feel free to let us know if you know the name of yours and we will create it with that name inside of it.

If you wanted to have a divination done to determine the name of your Guardian...we can do this for you as well.  There is a place in this section to order one...or you can have this done while in the garden!

For anyone coming for into "Our Sacred Gardens"... we can do a special ritual with you to receive yours there with us.  We also ship them to you as well.

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