Living Art

Our Sacred Gardens at "Ola Olu" wants to welcome a new living art piece that will be a place you can come to have a hug and feel nurtured!...


She is only a clay model right now... but in a few months from now... she will be in full size... 21 feet long and able to hug two people at one time.  She will be covered in sea colored mosaic tiles... and have all kinds of pretty shells that weave into long beautiful flowing hair.  She will look through her heart shaped eyes and into yours and send you love too.

It's a labor of love and we welcome you to come to "Our Sacred Gardens" and join us in building her.  It will be a truly spiritual experience that will fill you with the nurturing energy of Yemonja-Olokun.  You can also contribute with a donation, in return we will send you a special T-shirt with a photo of her. 


To get her started we need to buy a lot of materials to form her into this great shape.  We are calculating that she will be able to be finished with approx. $4,750 of materials.  

Help us build her as there are so many people needing the nurturing energy of Yemonja-Olokun.  You'll always have an open invitation to come for a nurturing hug.

We invite you to come to Our Sacred Gardens at "Ola Olu" - a place that is truly a gift from God... where you become one with nature and open up all of your senses.

Thank You!