Personal Transformation

"EXCLUSIVE Personal Transformations you can experience ONLY  at our Sacred Orisha Gardens!  Scroll down to understand YOUR Experience and which makes most sense for you"

"Our Spiritual Garden Experiences" ...

There is a peaceful nurturing sensation that goes deep inside you as you enter her sacred garden.  It is renewing. When you are in the presence of Earth Mother... you feel really good and know that everything will be alright. When you arrive... the creator of this magnificent 40 foot long figure, Vassa, will open up about what is possible with being in connection with her. 

The Labyrinth of the Sacred Messages is very different than most labyrinths created.  As you are going inside tall rows of hedges built from 333 japanese yews (Podocarpus). They are soft to the touch and flow with you as you pass by.

The Nana Buuken Society is a lineage of women who are fearlessly impacting the world and all her children in it... continuously!

Who is Nana Buuken?

Nana Buuken, affectionately known as Nana, is considered the Grand- Mother ... known as the repository for all wisdom.  Today, Ifa/Orunmila is what most people would consider being in that position of power.  But truly Nana is the most ancient place...existing since the beginning of time... and remains the “primal” of female energy. 

Nana operates silently...circling and seeing for her children..and bring the Truth for balance and harmony in the family lineage.  Nana fills all that is missing in the Universe.

"I look around but don't see anyone, yet I'm not alone! ...My 6th sense, those premonitions, If I would only listen and trust, but where are they coming from? it my imagination? ...or is there someone really there guiding and protecting me?"

"It's TRUE!  Yes, you walk in this lifetime carrying along with you that special ancestor...the one that is YOURS.  Getting to know your Guardian Ancestor can be tricky at first...learning to trust that resource is sometimes hard for us.  And for some...there is too much chatter to have enough clarity to identify with what is what.  When you come to "Our Sacred Gardens" we remove this noise and clear the pathway for you and your Guardian Ancestor to truly connect. 

"The Ori holds the key to your destiny."..

Have you been searching… and searching… and searching for your purpose in life?  Have you had too many days of wondering why you were created and what your destiny path truly is?  ! One of the most unique sacred moments you can have in your life… is the day you re-align with your Ori... your creation story… YOUR IDENTITY!!!