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Stimulate your ability to move things in your world.  Clear away the veils.

Refresh your strength to be more successful...and to move forward.  If you are feeling stuck... this is a perfect combo to lift your out.

Fine spiral bronze beads are woven together with old organic cut coral beads  to form a special energy matrix in this unique necklace creation.  

A one of a kind bone pendant hangs from the center.

The companion bracelet is made with a bronze chain link with a spiral center.  If you would like to have this as an anklet..just send us the length you prefer.

As you place this stunning necklace around your head... you will connect with movement in your consciousness and in your daily responses.

This magnetic matrix will energize you to align as a proactive partner in moving your life forward.

A special intention of creating change with positive movement will be added into the creation of your piece.  Please be sure to include the name of the person this is for.  This is a very meaningful gift to give someone you care about as well.  

If you have partner... you may want to give one to them at the same time... and build together.


Necklace or Bracelet:
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