Aligned with this pair of twins... it's a matrix that forms harmony, balance, health, protection and prosperity.

There are many many reasons for having this set of carvings.

For those who have had trouble conceiving... the twins can bring balance and harmony for success to create a new child.

You can also create new birth when there is balance in the spirit world and the world of light.

Birth is a true miraculous blessing.  A healthy child is also this as well. 

For those who have created a child but for some reason or another... the child did not birth for a successful full life.(aborted or miscarried)...

having a set of the twin carvings can honor the spirit of that child and bring harmony back into the family lineage as well as your own life.

For those who have family members have one of these experiences.

And all of you that had this as part of your life experience... you can be proactive in bringing harmony back into the lineage when you know how to clear and harmonize what has happened and bring the future of your family into a much more successful living space.

There is also the idea of twins being very special and a symbol of wealth in a family.

Stimulate the prosperity levels in a unique way by having a special area in your home where you set this set of twin carvings up and begin connecting to their potency.

As you begin sensing them in your personal space you will immediately feel a sense of calm come.  You will also find yourself trusting more and knowing that what you truly need will come!

This magnetic matrix will draw to you what is needed to create this shift in your consciousness...and attract what is valuable for you to be a prosperous person.

A special intention of creating protection for you and your family will be added into the creation of your twin carvings.  

Balancing your male and female family energy is also a big part of what the Harmony twins can be well-known for.

Please be sure to include the name of the person this is for.  This is a very meaningful gift to give someone you care about as well.  

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