Welcome to Our Sacred Gardens!...

People come to Our Sacred Gardens for a myriad of reasons. Some come for Health, others for Money, many for a Loving Relationship. Still others come for a Job, for Children or for Family. Their reasons are as diverse as the Gardens themselves. Yet, too many would place their trust in simply solving of their problem... and invariably, that is just one component of the issue involved. Our Sacred Gardens are designed to not only lead you to the immediate solution to your problem, but to begin to show you  the direction of a happier, more fulfilled, self-empowered life that can someday see you leave the rat race of the West, and once again enjoy the power and joy of those things which are truly important.

From walking the Labyrinth to identify what hurts, to the majesty of the 40 foot Onile with its direct connection to Mother Earth, to the Power of Ogun's special matrix to bring change and create more than you ever imagined possible. To the wisdom of Ela, and her capacity to help us do the right thing, To Esu and his ability to provide change and new directions for our lives, and to Osun with her capacity to allow us to feel joy, loving relationships, children and money. There's so much more… When they come out of their womb to give us a message... We should listen.

When they are immersed inside a world of deep thought and consideration for the whole...without the distractions we live within our world today... we should listen. Listening to their wisdom... letting the information guide them... giving them more direction that is without fear and ego and short term view.

We are here for a reason. 

What are we going to use our time for?

What are we going to contribute?

What is our part of the evolution of being?

At this time it is really coming to our attention that what we are doing to the place we live is creating disharmony and the life forces in the plant and animal world are suffering... and in turn we are suffering.

Our air

Our water

Our food

Are suffering.

Our immune systems are suffering

Our bodies are suffering

Things will eventually go so far to the other side that they will not be able to return to what was in balance.

The ice... its majesty melting, is already telling us.

We must listen.

We must take in that information and strategize how to create changes in the way we are moving.

What will the money buy you if you cannot have your health to enjoy it?

What security is money when you cannot have quality water to drink and quality air to breath and soil that will grow healthy food...and food that will be good fuel so you can live?

My destiny now is to bring awareness to anyone who touches my circle.

My destiny is to show people how to clear out the toxins in their lives... their fears, their ill thoughts, their negative ways and to get rid of that past way of moving... to free that from them and to fill them with positive energy and thoughts of which I am writing.

To bring wisdom that will become their way of thinking.

I need to focus on what my work is. I need to focus on the people that are ready to be a part of change.

Our Sacred Gardens await you...